Well – what can I Say! I’m completely bowled over by this most wonderful place.

Firstly – the staff – a most warm welcome, and then:- a little paradise – long may it continue.

Jean Francis - Visitor

Lovely place – really beautiful gardens!!

Rachael Whitaker - Visitor

Wonderful experience! Keep up the good work

Michelle Bull - Visitor

What a lovely idea and there is such enthiusic staff. We were welcomed and it is a peaceful place. Great!

P. Diestler - Middleton

What a fantastic place! Will be calling again v soon.

Good luck!

Jan Walters - Visitor

Thank you for providing the excellent sessions for our pupils. All the pupils (and staff) have had a great experience working with you and the animals. We hope to continue our connections with you and wish you success for the future.

Jazmin, Kelly, Katie, Meil, Philippa and Stephen - Rowan Park School

Enjoyable visit, hope to come again.

I. Merritt - Visitor

What a bautiful place! All our students and staff had a great time here and were very well looked after. Really looking forward to coming again. 🙂

Merefield School - Students and staff

We are writing to express our pleasure at the progress David (name changed for privacy) is making through attending Bridge Inn Community Farm.

As you know David gained an NVQ level 1 in horticulture at Pengwern College and attending the farm is allowing him not only to utilise and develop that akill but also to progress towards additional qualification in animal care. As you may be aware we had some difficulty persuading Sefton social services that David would be better attending the farm than a council run day centre. However when we have seen on our numerous visits the work that David is engaged in, his interest in the farm project generally and the warm and friendly environment in which he works we are fully satisfied that the pressure we put on Sefton to allow David to work at the farm was fully justified.

The amount of progress you have made at the farm since opening is wonderful to see. It is very pleasing to think that David has been part of that development and we would imagine that the parents and families of the other clients woking there feel equally pleased and satisified.

We have noticed how all the people at the farm, despite their various disabilities, seem to work together in a spirit of mutual friendship and we have to congratulate you on the spirit of friendship and teamwork that you have fostered amongst your various clients.

Keep up the good work!

Pat and Martin - Parents